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Premium SSL EV:
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What does it cost and what do you get?

  • Questions about how to get a web site?The initial costs?  Do you already have a domain?
  • Or let us find a new domain for you.  ​Check to see if a domain is available go to:
  • Each business or event has different needs.  Contact me for a ​Free quote or call 918.284.0175.

TLC Website Designs Services and Prices

Current Prices Effective : January 1, 2018

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​Let us open the window to your world

Website   DesignS   for

Small Businesses  - Farms & Ranches 

Events &  Non-Profit Organizations

Contact us at 918.284.0175

"1998 - 2018 Celebrating Twenty Years of Website Service"

All Designs are managed by TLC Website Designs and may not be duplicated on another website or hosted on another server.  You own your domain. NON PAYMENT FOR SERVICES WARRANTS IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION OF WEBSITE.  If you are not under PAID contract you loose the graphic design, not transferable to another webmaster. "We would appreciate a two year commitment if possible. We love helping people but we are not in the business to teach you how to build your own website. 

RENEWALS: We bill yearly and if payment is not received within 30 days of billing a reinstatement fee of $100 will be assessed or your website will be cancelled and deleted.  We pay for your domain renewal and hosting ahead of time so it cost us if you don't pay! They don't give us a credit for unused time in your contracts.

Please send CD or e-mail images in gif, jpeg and .png format. Unlimited updates within reason. Please keep under MB. Your personal script and message pasted on your site.  E-mail all updates in html text so that it can be pasted onto your site. This will eliminate possible transfer errors and mistakes. 

If you have a small budget, we will work with you to achieve your goals for a website.  Several of our clients started out small and grew with their businesses.  We understand budgets and situations.  WE WORK WITH OUR CLIENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

Any questions please feel free to contact us. There is no stupid question. We can find the answer somewhere. Call Us: Joan 918-284-0175

  • DESIGN  PAGES - one time fee of $100 per page

  • ​Additional pages - one time fee $50.00 per page

  • Maintain for 1 Year $450-$500 for Unlimited Updates

  • Hosting for one year ($120-200) We suggest Business Plus for better SEO.

  • Domain Purchase or Renewal $10 per year (my cost)

  • ( I pay extra to be in a discount domain club so I can keep these costs low for you)

  • ​Privacy for your Domain $10.00 per year (my cost)

  • Free FACEBOOK page to compliment your website.

  • Mobile Friendly, QR Code, Business Card Design and Free Graphic Designs no extra charge for photoshop images.



  • AVERAGE SECOND YEAR $500-$650​


  • Pay Pal Payment for Services on-line at the Contact Page

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